Are you ready to take your
smoothie game to the next level?

Feed your mind and body with the power of superfoods in this delicious superfood smoothies guide!

In the Energy Boosting section you'll find smoothies specifically crafted to increase your energy and get you pumped up for your workout, or to start your day!

In the Mood Boosting section we have recipes to help boost your mood when you might be feeling under the weather, or even when it's that time of the month!

In the Post-Workout section, there are smoothies created to give your muscles the fuel they need to recover after a strenuous, but rewarding, TBG Workout!

So what's included:

  • 9 Post-Workout Focused Smoothie Recipes like the Muscle Builder and Strawberry Stamina

  • 5 Energy Focused Smoothie Recipes like Antioxidant Ally and Coconut Express

  • 5 Mood Boosting Smoothie Recipes like Cheers Aunt Flo' and Go-Go Now!

  • Includes full macro-nutrient breakdown - we take the guesswork out to help you stay on track with your nutrition goals!

  • Plus Helpful Tips and Ingredient Substitutes to suit any dietary requirements

Superfood Smoothies ebook

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The TBG Superfood Smoothie Guide is an instant download as a PDF file with all the recipes you'll need to create delicious and nutritious smoothies for you and your family!

It's time to make healthy simple and fun!

"I’ve learned to live my BEST LIFE with the expertise of Krystal and her TBG Programs. Not only have I lost weight, but I’ve also learned how to build better eating habits as well as learned to be more mindful.

Krystal and the rest of the TBG Team are so motivating and supportive.

I love the sense of community and love everyone has for each other. I’m so grateful for finding Krystal’s programs during a time I needed it the most. You won’t regret joining!”

Bea, CA, USA

"Thank you so much for this amazing program! It was exactly what I needed while the world seems upside down right now.

Two days before the TBG program started, I was sent home from work to start working remotely. I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and panic bought all the junk food along with the mass of people in the store doing the same thing. And then the next day, I had a change of heart. I replaced all the junk with healthy vegan food for the program and vowed to give 100% for the entire month. It certainly paid off and I am feeling stronger, healthier, and more at ease than a lot of my friends currently are. I am so thankful for the entire TBG community for being a bright spot and motivating force even in the darkest of times."

Sam, KY, USA