✨The Importance of Community✨

I was thinking today as I'm packing to get ready for a trip to Hawaii, that I am really grateful for my community of women who I can lean on to for support and guidance...
The thought came to me as I was thinking about how this will be my first trip with just Miles and Andara since she was a baby and we took her for a quick trip to Nashville last year. It was a time of fear and a bit of chaos for me, as I was a new mom navigating this new world.  I truly don't know where I would have been without my support group at home, or in my online community. They provided me with so much advice and support as well as really great tips for how to navigate this new role!
For the past five years I have worked so hard and evolved my former Total Body Guide programs into my brand new platform Reign Over Your Life. None of it would have been possible without setting measurable goals, and having my community holding me accountable.
I want to share three pieces of wisdom on the positive affects community can have on a person, and hope it resonates with you today. 

1. A Strong Community is a Place of Opportunity. 

Growth and experiences are endless when you have a community that comes together to share their knowledge. You never know what might come up when a group of people feels comfortable, safe and engaged to share their experience and adventures. I've witnessed first hand in our communities where women find connection in friendship, in job opportunities, in the courage to leave a bad situation, and in growing who they are as healthy individuals. 

2. A Strong Community Provides Safety and Support

A strong community fosters helpful communication, positive reinforcement, and a place where anyone can come to share their troubles and problems! People will find not only comfort, but also helpful tips & advice for resolution as well. I have witnessed our community members share the happiest and worst times in their lives, and have seen our community members come to congratulate big moments, spread joy, and lend shoulders to cry on. It is a blessing to have a secure and safe place to exist, especially as we navigate our day to day lives!

3. A Strong Community Unites Us All Through Accountability

Having a place to hold each other accountable through common challenges and goals is so special. It is far more likely for a person to complete a goal when they have others encouraging them, and it's even MORE likely for a person to complete a goal if they have someone else doing that same goal WITH them.
In our RxL Community we share common fitness, nutrition, mindset and many more challenges together. Within the community we set goals and have trackers and checklists, and of course our peers to hold us accountable. I know I've been way more on track with my personal fitness goals because I know I have a community watching and ensuring I stay on track! 
All of these elements are what makes me so proud of my Reign Over Your Life Community. I have so many exciting elements coming soon to our RxL platform and I hope this space brings you joy and opportunity to try something new!
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