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A beachy lifestyle is something I always journaled about when crafting my perfect day.

It went something like this...

I wake up at 5 am, drink matcha, and do a morning stretch on my patio overlooking the ocean.

I then throw on my shoes, grab a hot coffee with a dash of cinnamon, and head out the door with my puppies for our morning walk.

We walk on the beach, Wayne and Chucky off-leash, running around so happy, so free.

I head home, jump in my souped-up SUV and roll into my local beach community to grab a green juice before I head back to get in my workout of the day.

From there, I head into my nautical office, with a shelf full of my books, awards, and reflections of my accomplishments as I sit down to film my educational videos, record my podcast, and be paid 100% for being myself and sharing my vulnerable heart with my audience.

I live life on MY TERMS.

I am FREE.


I no longer worry about MONEY.

I LOVE and accept myself.


And I am showing up everyday FULLY as me.

I wrote out this perfect day in October 2018 after a deep meditation when I realized the clarity I needed in order to make my dreams come true.

WHAT was I working towards?

WHY did I want it?

And WHEN I accomplished my goals HOW would my outside world be reflected back at me?

At the time, I didn't even KNOW what my dreams were, but I knew the lifestyle I wanted to create.


I like to think that our dreams have can a Two-Prong Approach in discovering them.

  1. Know WHAT you want or...
  2. Know HOW you want to FEEL once you've reached them.

From there, we work backward and break it down into bite-sized goals that are realistic YET challenge us to step slightly out of our comfort zone.

Since that meditation 2 years ago I have focused on the feeling and experience of achieving my goals.

I asked God how I could be used to serve and was shown and guided to develop many coaching programs, digital products, and immersive mind-body experiences.

To date, my team and I have developed over 61 products- in just 2 years?!

Work became my passion, my creative force, and outlet for expressing and connecting with people all around the world.

All while sitting at my local coffee shop with my puppies on my lap.

But now it's time to grow again.

To evolve.

And that requires us to get a little uncomfortable.

And sometimes, it can feel like everything is falling apart... and as Aubrey Hepburn once said, "so that better things can come together."

Our dreams are an evolution, ever-transforming as we continue to experience and react to life around us.

As we continue to grow and move through life, it's important to make sure that any little pieces of our dreams are acknowledged or we give permission to let them go in order to hold space for our new desires.

For me, I have always dreamed of having an outlet for writing and expressing my experiences in the mind-body connection, in lifestyle hacks, and sharing tools for deepening spiritual practices.

And today that dream has come true with the launch of this blog.

My intention is to create a space for education and empowerment that's delivered in an easily-digest-able way...

to serve you...

and your families...

And your community to be healthier, happier, and more connected to YOUR heart's desires.

Whether it's a smoothie recipe, a journaling prompt, or a personal share, I hope you feel the love and connection with my heart's intention.




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  • Christine Walker

    I felt connected to your heart’s intention while reading this first entry. You are a beautiful soul and I thank you for what you are bringing into the world for us. I appreciate your knowledge, skills, and spirit. I look forward to letting you be my guide and role model as I embark upon a much awaited personal journey to true health. It is said that if you want to do something, copy those who are doing it. I want to be healthy, vivacious, and live my best life. You are already there, so, if Krystal’s eating it, then I’m eating it. If Krystal’s doing it, then I’m doing it! From teacher to teacher, Namaste.

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