⏰ 10 Tips for Living a Healthy Lifestyle on a Busy Schedule ⏰


Can you believe it’s almost the end of the year?

Most of our lives are about to get way more busy and hectic with all the holiday craziness coming up soon!! I have been spending a lot of time looking inwards, journaling and meditating in preparation for the end of this year and wanted to share how I maximize my time, energy and resources.

Here are 10 tips on how to tackle a busy schedule while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle

  1. Plan out your week -  Preparation is key for success! Preparing your week, or even your day the night before, is my most important weapon for putting my dreams into action. Start with planning your workouts, meals, and even your outfit the night before. Once you build up confidence here, aim to plan out your full week. Maybe this seems intimidating, but TRUST in the process, and watch your precious energy move from indecisiveness to execution. 

  2. Journaling - Allowing space for our inner most thoughts and feelings to be seen, heard and validated, is an important process. Especially if you are on a healing journey for a massive up-level!  No time to journal? Go on a walk, and take voice notes! The important part here is to have daily checkins with yourself. 

  3. Use a project management tool - What burns more energy than being disorganized?? Go ahead, tell me! Using a project management tool like asana for teams, or simply using your apple reminders can save so much energy by keeping you organized and clear on your next step. 

  4. Weekly KPI for the week - Think of Key performance indicators as mini goals that will help you stay on target to reach your big goal.  Here's a great place to start! Grab your pen and journal and ask yourself "what 3 goals, if accomplished this day/week/month, would make you feel like a GODDESS?? And what is one step you can take toward each one this day/week/month? Take a big breath and let the words and intuitive guidance flow!

  5. Stay flexible but committed to outcomes - stay flexible to the approach of your goals. Knowing when enough is enough, put the phone down, sign out of social media so we don’t give up on ourselves. Give yourself grace and space to honor your intuition.

  6. Find Supplements for Health & Goals - Supplements are a great way to add in important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc.. that our diet may be lacking. Start with a good multivitamin and find one that works for you!

  7. One Action of Movement a Day - Straight forward - move your body! What’s important is that you decide how long and when. Commit to daily movement. Ex. take a meeting on a walk outside. 

  8. Protect your Energy -  Stop putting off the tasks you are dreading, don’t let it drain your energy throughout the day. Do the hard tasks first (before noon!) and protect the energy instead of wasting it.

  9. Meal prep your food - plan out our meals, we are not wasting time on indecision, just executing. 

  10. Need to know when to walk away - Sometimes we aren’t feeling productive, take some space and try again. Compassion and grace for ourselves and trusting the process. It’s important to listen to your body and honor where you are in your journey.


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